_Souterrain14 is a artist initiative situated in the center of Amsterdam, run by artists:

Kim Wawer
Eva Hoonhout
Monica Mays
Karen Huang
Kristoffer Zeiner
_Souterrain14 is a project and studio space for artists and by artists with a curatorial program interested in the intersection of architectural research and spatial narrative within the contemporary arts. It is open for proposals, lectures, presentations and exhibitions focusing on site-specificity.

Lost in Depiction
/ Part Two
Opening 19th of April
19 PM - 23PM

20th and 21st of April
26th, 27th and 28th of April
3rd, 4rd and 5th of May
(Opening times: 13.00 / 17.00)

An exhibition with:

Lily Lanfermeijer
Caz Egelie
Dan Adlesic
Eva Hoonhout

This exhibition is supported by:

AFK Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunstand, Fotopub, association for contemporary culture

1. and 8. of December - 2018 

1. june - 22. june - 2018 

360 d. Documentation of the different
scenes in, and around the exhibition
AISLE/ATION - Photo by _Souterrain14

AISLE /ATION is an exhibition in which _Souterrain14 invites five artists to intervene and activate the space created by a hallway. By introducing a new structure in the studio spaces of _Souterrain14, the artists' work becomes supported and conditioned by its narrative. This structure is both delineating a path and set of rules for the site-specific interventions, removing the neutralising element of a white cube.

The hallway is a way to transit from one living space to another materialising a state of transition, where movement and individuality are implied as connectors to larger collective spaces. A path who’s purpose is to go from point A to B, here becomes a highly constructed situation and complex system in the inhabited architecture. A grid, infrastructure and network in a 1/1 scaled beta model for nomadic practices.

With Aaro Murphy, Rachel Pafe, Ruben Mols, Renée van Oploo & Machteld Rullens

AISLE/ATION is supported by Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst - AFK

Eerste Oosterparkstraat 14,
1091 HB Amsterdam, Netherlands